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I have never wanted to eat a Snickers bar quite as much as when I see one on the television. That's an issue. And I expect that real explosions of a Michael Bay magnitude wouldn't look like that in real life--the explosions are more explosion-y, somehow. And yet some time ago I found that I felt such a profound empathy with a digital representation of a person--a CGI character--that I thought maybe there is something to learn from all of this rendered mimicry that bleeds into reality, these proper simulacra.

In the wild, CGI is almost exclusively in the service of capital. This is the heart of my practice--to use this technology so closely associated with alienation against the grain. To create sites of contemplation which resist capital's telos of production; to use simulation, which is the natural result of exactitude in science, as a tool for dismantling reason. A synthetic oneiricism or a procedural mythology.


2014      University of Maryland, BS, International Business

2014      University of Maryland, BA, English Literature

2019       School of the Art Institute of Chicago, MFAW

Group Exhibitions

2018      They Could Be Free, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL

              New Blood XII, Links Hall, Chicago IL


2019      Aspartame, Citral & Rayon, LITHIUM gallery, Chicago IL
              SAIC MFA show, Sullivan galleries, Chicago IL

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